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The last thing we want to see is a customer stranded.  Transmission performance issues can often be the most costly repair a vehicle owner will ever encounter.  This is even more the case when a major repair, such as a transmission overhaul, needs to be performed.  This is labor intensive and time consuming.  While major repairs are sometimes unavoidable, detecting a transmission problem early can sometimes be addressed before they lead to a major issue.


Being aware of the warning signs of a transmission problem is very important and can sometimes save you THOUSANDS.  


Here are some signs that your transmission may be in need of service or repair:


- Your transmission is making unusual noises


- Your vehicle doesn't shift quite right


- Your transmission is slipping


- There is transmission fluid leaking


- Your "transmission light" in dash is illuminated


If you are experiencing any of these problems, we highly recommend you bring your vehicle to a reputable repair facility for service.  Recognizing a problem early is your best chance at avoiding a much more costly repair bill.  If you're not confident that you can drive your vehicle, contact us. We can tow it free of charge in most cases.   

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